Do you want to change over to a lifestyle that promotes vibrant health, increased energy, your optimal weight and a low environmental impact? Do you want to get your diet under control? Have you been putting off good health for too long? Are you ready to feel great? Then you are the right candidate for The Kitchen Goddess's 30 days to Health and Vitality Course.

This course starts with a personalized health consultation and a class on everything you need to know to change over to a healthy diet and lifestyle, then you get 30 days of support from me. In that 30 days, each week for 4 weeks you will receive recipes, more health tips and suggestions, motivational incentives and ways to help you create the lifestyle and health you desire. You set goals and I assist you in reaching your goals- whether it be weight loss, quitting a sugar addiction, having more energy, alkalizing, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, balancing sugar levels or just tweaking your diet, you have unlimited online access to me (to ask questions and address special concerns), along with one phone call per week with me. 

*November and December classes include holiday recipes and tips on maintaining health through the holidays.

Classes available by teleconference or in-person (if local to the Tallahassee area) Inquire about times or to schedule a class.

Price is $300.  Contact me or register with secured payment below.

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Call or email to schedule a date. Contact here.

All classes last about two hours and include a health consultation.

Location information sent with registration. 

 *You must register at least 2 days before class. After paying for the course go here and fill out this health history/questionnaire and press submit. This is the information I will create your health consultation packet with so be specific and detailed. :-)