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I have always loved working with Jill. She has a huge capacity to be empathic and present when working with her clients, which always makes me feel safe and allows me to have the space to do the personal growth work I need to do. Before working with Jill and doing her 7 day cleanse class, I had never been able to go past three days of any kind of cleanse. Getting to 7 days was a big leap for me, and I couldn’t have done it without Jill’s support. If you have struggled with starting or completing a cleanse before, I highly recommend Jill’s class.
— Stephanie Brandt Cornais, Mama and Baby Love
My husband and I completed a 7-day cleanse with Jill Welch a year ago, and I have never felt better. The nutritional concepts I learned from Jill have stuck with me long past the cleanse itself, and have become an integral part of the way I live now. As a result, that pesky “last ten pounds” is gone, and has been relatively easy to keep off. I crave vegetables, and if I go a day or two without getting a lot of my nutrients from plant foods there is a marked difference in the way I feel. The 7-day cleanse is a great way to reset your eating habits, and to allow your body to become very aware of how it is affected by what you eat.
— Jennifer Clark, University Graduate Programs Director
Well, I must have a happy little community of harmonious gut bacteria after following the Kitchen Goddess’s advice! Her smoothies took off 25 pounds and cured my psoriasis!

I’m not through yet! I’m going to stay on this plan until I’m down to my normal weight. I drink your recipe every day and eat a balanced light supper at night. It helped my acid stomach, psoriasis, and lost about 1.5 pounds a week. More energy too.
— Nancy Flynn, Educator
Before knowing Jill, I had never done a cleanse before. Admittedly I was a little nervous and hesitant getting started, but in the end it was such an amazing experience. The first thing that stood out for me was how well I slept from the very beginning - I didn’t realize just how much diet changes could affect your sleeping patterns, aside from just energy levels. From Jill I learned lots of delicious soup and smoothie recipes (and was inspired to improvise my own, as well) which kept me satisfied throughout the 7 days. After the cleanse I felt as though my body and tastebuds were ‘reset’ to enjoy the richness of a cleaner, whole-foods diet, and to this day I employ occasional mini-cleanses, just to get myself back on track. Thanks to The Kitchen Goddess for a truly revolutionary experience!
— Amanda Dorsett, Aquatic Scientist