Don't have time to cook healthy meals? Do you want the house smelling great and dinner waiting when you get home? Let The Kitchen Goddess come to your house, prepare gorgeous and delicious food, clean up the mess, and leave you with bountiful, beautiful meals according to your desires, health needs, and tastes!

Are you healing from cancer or another health issue? I will prepare healing foods for you in your home, according to your specific health needs. I can work with you to create meals that taste great and support your body as it comes into balance.

Everything I prepare is all natural; meaning, I only use the freshest, highest quality ingredients (organic, as long as it is available) with no additives, preservatives, food coloring, or artificial ingredients. Anything can be made vegetarian, vegan, or raw. 

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Jill first cooked for me and my family when I was pregnant with twins... and many times after that. Her food is simply fabulous: it’s beautiful, delicious, and healthy. As someone who had always thought that “healthy” food sounded (frankly) bad, Jill’s food was a revelation... If there are leftovers of Jill’s food, I actually choose them over all the less healthy snacks in my pantry. I would (and do) recommend Jill to anyone who wants healthy, delicious meals or advice about preparing them. The Kitchen Goddess knows her stuff, y’all. Plus, she’s really fun to be around.
— Daphne Holden, sociologist
“If you want food that will bring health to your being and deliciousness to your palate, take a class from Jill or sample her cooking creations — you will greatly benefit and your family and friends will love you for it. There is no one better, more knowledgeable or more committed to her craft. This is an art form for your senses and well-being.
— Carlos Alvarez, attorney