The Kitchen Goddess offers a variety of group classes on many different types of cooking and nutrition. Classes are offered on the job, at private homes, or during expos, demonstrations and events. Clients often get a group of friends together, and choose a topic for study - for instance, cooking with whole grains or cooking without dairy - and have a cooking party, sharing ideas and helping each other toward a deeper understanding.

Whatever your interests lie is a good place to start. Depending on the needs of your group, instruction can begin during the planning stages and take you through shopping, choosing produce, preparing the kitchen, and cooking.

I love going to Jill’s classes... Until I tasted her sea vegetable salads I could not eat seaweed. The Kimchee Class is an opportunity to eat her fabulous fermented foods while learning. Jill is very knowledgeable and presents in an uncomplicated way. You should go!
— Beverly Graddy, owner of Raw Naturel
I will long hold the picture in my mind of Magnolia Middle School students, smiling and laughing, elbow deep in cabbage, carrots, radishes and ginger as they washed, chopped, seasoned, pounded, and packaged the gorgeous kimchee that Jill showed them how to make in her Fermented Vegetables Class. Demystifying fermentation for adolescents is no small feat, but she had them LOVING it! Here’s to a new generation of healthy, food-loving kids!
— Teresa Youngblood, teacher